Secrets of a Melting Moon

by A Slow Descent

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Secrets of a Melting Moon is A Slow Descent's fourth overall release. It is an EP that continues the storyline of Dance With Me Upon His Secret Ocean, ASD's first release. While this album is conceptually a continuation of Dance With Me, it is not meant to be a "return to roots" or anything like that. Merely, the album builds from Dance With Me's noisy, cinematic sound into something far more dark and experimental. Secrets of a Melting Moon continues A Slow Descent's tradition of experimenting with different styles of music, with drone and noise music being the main inspirations this time. Nevertheless, the album's sound is still comparable to the artist's previous efforts, particularly the EP from which Secrets of a Melting Moon shares its concept.

Like its predecessors, Secrets of a Melting Moon is a concept album, although this time with a linear narrative storyline. The album takes place on the surface of the moon Europa, Jupiter's fourth largest satellite, several hundred years after the disastrous series of events following an unsuccessful landing that led to the disappearance of one astronaut and the untimely death of another. The album places the listener into the shoes of the disappeared astronaut who ventured into the unknown regions of the icy moon without the permission of her crew. After being frozen beneath the moon's surface for hundreds of years, the astronaut, having the ice preserving her body melt, suddenly awakens to find herself in a pool of water. Dazed and bewildered, she swims to the surface to the discover the Europa she had once to be on the brink of destruction. The ice that comprised the entire surface is melting away, with the ocean boiling behind her feet.

After reaching the surface of the moon, the receives a strange, unintelligible transmission on her radio, the source of which seems to be a massive space station barely visible in the distance. Determined to discover the source of the transmissions, she ventures across the planet's ever-melting surface, which seems to be darker and more unforgiving than ever. Upon finally reaching the space station, the astronaut is devastated to discover that it is run-down and deserted, with no signs of life anywhere. She explores the space station and discovers that it was likely build fairly recently, and once housed thousands of people. Defeated and more alone than ever, the astronaut exits the area. As she aimlessly wanders under the dark Europan sky, she can't help but want the truth behind the colonization and abandonment of the moon. Yet, she will soon the truth, and uncover a secret more terrifying than she could have ever imagined.

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released August 27, 2014



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A Slow Descent

I make experimental electronic music. The genres I like to mess around with the most with are ambient, IDM, post-rock, drone and industrial music. I make music about space sometimes. My other project is Sugary Sweet Machines: ... more

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Track Name: Radio Transmissions Soaring Through the Icy Air
"The secret ocean melts before my very me."
Track Name: Ruins of What Was Once a Space Station
"Welcome to Space Station Europa, The Secret Ocean! Place on your helmet and step outside into a mysterious jungle of ice. On Europa, the sky is always blue, and the water, pure. Here, will the inception of 'Humanity 2.0' occur. We've come this far, why stop now? Earth is but a distant memory. Forget all your troubles. Everyone on Europa is a God. You must now transcend the boundaries of your mind and become one with the ocean. Again, welcome to Europa, The Secret Ocean. I trust you will enjoy your stay."