My Descent, Your Deprivation

by A Slow Descent/Spidery Renovation

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My Descent, Your Deprivation is the second split between myself and Brendan Nixon, who is under the moniker of Spidery Renovation. Unlike our last split, which was only four tracks long, this split features nine tracks with almost 50 minutes of material. Just like last time, it was a lot of fun collaborating with Nixon on this split, and I'm sure this won't be the last time we do so!

The first five tracks tracks on the split and mine, and the last four tracks on the split are Spidery Renovation's. About the album, Nixon had this to say (taken right off his bandcamp):

"well we're both back, after short "breaks". since we're both working together on another separate project, sugar deprivation, we figured since that will likely take a while, we'd do another split. but, this time it is a full length. even though this was made with the intention of being out before sugar deprivation, i wouldn't think of it as filler or something like that. both sets of tracks are probably the best from both, with mine (nixon) in particular being far beyond where inrepertus left off. i like to think of that one as a chapter closer anyway, so this is something new. maybe it's my sudden love for the cure, i'm not sure. at first, i consciously tried to write differently than usual for this split, but i realized that what i was originally doing (sound collages, again), was just gonna feel redundant, so i started writing like regular. this is the result of that. think no pussyfooting, this heat, the cure, and have a nice life all happening at once. also, the name change is just for this, because the songs are so different. as for asd's side, he picks up where he left off on his last full length. he's started to be less of a drone/ambient project and seems to almost make some of this stuff be dance-y, much more traditional structurally. but, it's still obviously asd. anyway, thanks for jamming this. play it loud. it's sphericore.

Streaming and download of this album is free or name your price. Included in the download is two pages of liner notes featuring lyrics and photos I've taken. If you enjoyed this split, be sure to check out Nixon's bandcamp here: ""


released October 31, 2015



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A Slow Descent

I make experimental electronic music. The genres I like to mess around with the most with are ambient, IDM, post-rock, drone and industrial music. I make music about space sometimes. My other project is Sugary Sweet Machines: ... more

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