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Utopias is the second LP and third overall release by ambient solo project, A Slow Descent. The band's most experimental release yet; Utopias serves as a departure from A Slow Descent's two previous works, which were heavily influenced by various film scores and the genre of post-rock. While the album's sound is still primarily electronic-based and rooted in the ambient genre, Utopias finds the band taking a bleaker, darker, and more subdued approach than On Ganymede and Dance With Me Upon His Secret Ocean, which aimed to be more cinematic in sound.

Utopias is a concept album about machines that rise up and conquer mankind, forming a Utopian society in humanity's wake. Unlike its two predecessors, Utopias does not necessarily follow a linear narrative or storyline. While the album does certainly have a story, it is told in a jumbled fashion, with each song giving the listener a glimpse of a different event within the story. Some songs take place after the formation of the Utopia and the destruction of man. These place the listener into the role of a machine living within the Utopian society after the decimation of humanity . Other tracks take place in the time leading up to the creation of the Utopia and before man was destroyed. These show society before or during the uprising. It is at this time that man and machine coexist in harmony, with man having no knowledge of the oncoming uprising the machines are plotting as they begin to become intelligent.

Although equally as atmospheric as them, Utopias differs quite a lot from its predecessors due to the album's unique concept (the first two releases were both similar in concept and tone). Utopias ditches the band's previously spacey and droney sound for something more melodic and often upbeat, although the album still attempts to retain a dark atmosphere.

The deluxe version of Utopias is available upon download of this album. Included in the deluxe version of Utopias are five bonus tracks and two alternative versions of the cover art. Among these bonus tracks are a song that was finished but not included in the final version of the album, an outtake that was not included in the album, two demos, and a remix of "Magnetospherian Cradle" from On Ganymede. Although download of the album is free, any purchases are greatly appreciated, no matter how much.


released June 5, 2014



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A Slow Descent

I make experimental electronic music. The genres I like to mess around with the most with are ambient, IDM, post-rock, drone and industrial music. I make music about space sometimes. My other project is Sugary Sweet Machines: sugarysweetmachines.bandcamp.com ... more

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