On Ganymede

by A Slow Descent

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erik (laughingman22)
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erik (laughingman22) An ambitious LP telling the story of a crash landing on Ganymede. Very strong visual imagery Favorite track: An Interference.
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On Ganymede is A Slow Descent's first LP. The album is a follow-up to the band's debut release, an EP entitled Dance With Me Upon His Secret Ocean. On Ganymede is a concept album following a crash landing onto the moon Ganymede, Jupiter's largest satellite. The listener explores the moon's cold, desolate, yet uncharacteristically bright surface as he or she attempts to hold on to what is left of his or her optimism and sanity. Like its predecessor, On Ganymede utilizes ambiance and samples to create vivid atmospheres and dark soundscapes. Unlike its predecessor, however, this album brings the post-rock genre into the mix, and is far more experimental, often completely changing genres multiple times during the same track. On Ganymede was released via bandcamp.com on the fourteenth of February, 2014. Artwork was done by Erik Sheader-Smith (laughingman22) of The Phonies. His bonus artwork for each of the album's tracks can found here: jalbum.net/a/1475973


"This isn’t one of those albums you throw in before bedtime to help you fall asleep --it often challenges the listener to go to unexplored depths of their subconscious using undeniably eerie soundscapes. Yes, in the end it is ultimately rewarding, but to call the album accessible would be misleading. It’s an intense, roller-coaster ride through outer-space that finds the listener crash landing on the largest moon in the solar system, Ganymede." -Aaron Arneson at www.sputnikmusic.com

"Spacey, ethereal keys and abrupt static help to give this release a paranoid and delightfully off-kilter feel; A Slow Descent build a dense look at mounting madness in the face of isolation." -thelastsignal at www.sputnikmusic.com


released February 14, 2014



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A Slow Descent

I make experimental electronic music. The genres I like to mess around with the most with are ambient, IDM, post-rock, drone and industrial music. I make music about space sometimes. My other project is Sugary Sweet Machines: sugarysweetmachines.bandcamp.com ... more

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